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Kano Nishino

ICC Japan Scholarship  -  For details contact ICC Japan

"Hi, my name is Kano and I am a recipient of an ICC Japan Scholarship for 2020. I chose Cambridge High School, New Zealand because I loved the atmosphere of Cambridge and thought that would be good place to study. When I came here for the first time, I was anxious about relationships with local students and my host family. However, they are all very kind and friendly, so I soon got used to life here. Also, Cambridge High School has an environment where students can challenge themselves to do new things. I am taking part in a school musical as a pianist and I’m also making a video for the school website. I am having great experiences studying here."

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Nguyen Hoang Nam

Nam is a recipient of a NZSS (New Zealand Secondary Schools - Education New Zealand) Vietnam Scholarship for 2021

His winning Youtube clip is here:

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Fasai Chankaew

CHS/K &M Education Scholarship (Thailand). For details contact K & M Education

"Hi, my name is Fasai and I am a recipient of a CHS/K&M education scholarship for 2021. I entered CHS this year and people have been very nice and kind to me.

I had never moved school before and was worried about making new friends and my level of English because I thought my English was not very good. When I got here people made me forget my worries. They always help me and explain things when I don’t understand. I love being at Cambridge High School."

CHS/NZiFocus Scholarship Recipients (Vietnam)

For details Contact NZiFocus

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Le Mai Chi

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Tran Gia Huy

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Nguyen An Duy

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Phan Bao Thy